Y Combinator Invests in Chorus

We have some exciting news to share with our incredible community: Chorus has received funding from Y Combinator as part of the 2021 Winter Batch!

About Y Combinator

Y Combinator is a world-renowned seed stage investing firm and mentorship program that provides both capital and invaluable guidance to a selection of early stage technology startups. The list of YC alumni include products that most of us use daily – Doordash, Dropbox, and Stripe – to name a few. 

What does this mean for Chorus?

We are so thrilled to be working with the incredible team at Y Combinator. Over the last 6 weeks, we have made many exciting updates to the Chorus experience thanks to the resources provided to us by this investment.

From relaunching our class lineup to help members more easily categorize and schedule when to take Chorus, to the creation of our newest Sleep class – specifically designed for restorative night of rest – we are looking forward to continuing to create the best meditation experience for the non-meditators among us.

Looking ahead

While we continue to expand the Chorus suite of classes and products to reflect the needs of our community, we are excited to develop our own app on which to host it all. These updates will not only improve the member experience of class, they will also serve to continue the connected growth of the irreplaceable Chorus community.

About Chorus

Chorus is online group meditation classes led by trained instructors. Monthly members have access to live and pre-recorded classes set to the beat of popular music like Beyonce, Odesza, Bon Iver, etc, that help them start their day with a positive mindset or unwind at night before bed at night.

We started Chorus because we found it nearly impossible to begin our own individual meditation practices. After years of starting and stopping and almost giving up, we knew there had to be a more fun, enjoyable, instantly beneficial way to meditate for those who don’t connect with traditional forms.

Unlike traditional mediation, which is typically done alone, can often feel like nothing is happening, and takes many months to feel a difference, Chorus is:

👯‍♀️ SOCIAL, with warm, personable teachers and amazing fellow class-goers

🎵 FUN, with new and popular music

✨ And gives you a physical TINGLING sensation created by the breathing pattern, leaving you physically and mentally calmer after your VERY FIRST SESSION.
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