The Chorus Experience

Chorus is online group meditation classes led by live instructors.

At Chorus, you’ll breathe to the beat of an awesome playlist with an amazing community and feel an immediate release of stress in your body and mind.

We promise you’ll feel something from the very first class.

Because meditation doesn’t need to be frustrating.

“I’ve never been able to meditate before. Now I can’t wait to do it again.”

Get comfy

Find a comfy spot to lie down, like a bed, couch, or mat on the floor, and take class on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Expect to be welcomed by a friendly teacher and an amazing community.

Speaker illu
Breathe to the beat

Lay back and breathe to the beat of an awesome playlist which helps you clear your mind.

We use breathing exercises that elicit a physical sensation and release tension from the body and the mind. You’ll get literal ~tingles~ ✨ – but the best part is that it helps you declutter and quiet your mind.

From hip hop to indie to pop, our instructor-curated playlists will keep you motivated and engaged. Music has the ability to move us deeply, and we use that power to clear our minds and find emotional release.

Reflect illu
Reflect & connect

At Chorus, we connect more deeply with ourselves, so we can better connect with the people in our lives.

At the end of class, we take a moment to reflect on how we feel and how we might bring that back into the world with us.

Everyone’s experience is different, and you’re welcome to share your thoughts, listen to others, or head out as soon as class ends. You can interact with the teacher and fellow class members via video and/or audio, and many of our community members choose to do that, but there is no expectation that you share with video or audio after the class, and many other community members choose that option as well.

Chorus is your practice, so feel free to interact with the class and community however you like!

For more info on how and why the practice works, plus a bunch of other good stuff, pop on over to our blog and get ready for some readin’!

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