Let’s Talk Bedtime Routines with MK

Have you had the chance yet to take our brand new 15 minute Sleep class

I have literally been taking it every night for the last 2 weeks (I’ve got that early access ya know 🤷🏻‍♀️ ) and WOW has it been the perfect addition to my bedtime routine.

Speaking of bedtime routines… Do you have one? 

While you may not remember the bedtime routine of your own youth, chances are high you’ve cared for, or are at least familiar with the concept of, a child’s bedtime routine. 

A bedtime routine is something we implement early on, literally from birth, as a way to help calm the nervous system and prepare ourselves for slumber. Maybe in your toddler years it included a bath, some storytime in bed, and then lights out! Um, that sounds amazing.

So… Why do we drop those routines as adults?

For so many reasons: work, household chores, childcare responsibilities, social activities, etc, etc. 

Somewhere along the way, we deserted this glorious off ramp from our day and have replaced it with endless scrolling on our phones while we lay in bed.

  • And then we’re frustrated when we have trouble falling asleep
  • And then we feel stressed about how we’re not falling asleep
  • And then it’s even HARDER to fall asleep
  • And then…and then…and! 
  • You know the rest

The idea that we would just be able to drop our rev’d up nervous system into bed and immediately fall asleep is preposterous. Of course our brains and bodies need to unwind and transition from wake to sleep.

My 20/20/20 Rule

I’ve been trying out a new 20/20/20 rule when it comes to my bedtime routine.

My three slots of 20 minutes look something like this:

  1. I spend the first 20 minutes emptying my brain of any swirling thoughts. I write out to-dos for the next day. Journal anything gnawing at me. I try to get it all onto paper. 
  2. The next 20 minutes are spent doing any of the following: stretching, a warm bath with some salts, or reading a non-screened book. 
  3. My last 20 minutes of the routine are reserved for getting snuggled into bed and taking a 15 minute Chorus Sleep class. It feels like a luxurious treat for my brain and my body to relax into a restful, restorative night of sleep.

Try it out this weekend! And, let’s normalize adult bedtime routines! 

Get your Chorus Sleep on tonight! And be sure to tell me how it goes.

Sweet dreams! 💤

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