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What is Chorus?

Chorus is online group meditation classes led by live instructors.

At Chorus, you’ll breathe to the beat of an awesome playlist and feel an immediate release of stress in your body and mind.

How is it Different?

Unlike traditional meditation, which is typically done alone, is often challenging for beginners, and takes many months to feel a difference, Chorus is:

👯‍♀️ SOCIAL, with warm, personable teachers and amazing fellow class-goers

🎵 FUN, with new and popular music

✨ And gives you a physical TINGLING sensation created by the breathing pattern, leaving you physically and mentally calmer after your VERY FIRST SESSION.

Curious to know more? Check out our blog post:

How Meditation, Breathing Exercises, and The Chorus Method Work for Stress Relief, Nervous System Health, and a Life of Happiness

Who is Chorus for?

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “meditation is tough for me” – you’re in good hands!

Chorus is meditation for people who don’t meditate….(yet).

How does it Work?

Our monthly members have access to live and on-demand classes where we guide them through rhythmic breathing exercises, set to the beat of music you know and love.

After you sign up for a membership and book a class or fit an on-demand session into your calendar, all you need to set up is:

– A computer, smartphone, or tablet
– Wifi connection
– Somewhere comfortable to lie down
– A journal
– Yourself!

We’ll take care of the rest.

When should I take it?

– In the morning before you get out of bed to start your day on the right foot!
– In the afternoon to refocus
– In the evening to transition away from work
– At night when you get into bed for a deep a restful sleep

Of course with our on-demand classes you can take Chorus anytime, but we know how busy your days can get, so for the best results, incorporate Chorus into the routines you already have!

How often should I take it?

Our community shares that they get the most out of Chorus when they take class as consistently as possible, so aim to make Chorus part of your daily routine, and join as close to daily as possible.

At a minimum, we recommend at least twice per week.

Pro-tip: stack Chorus on an existing routine you already have:

– Morning person? Do Chorus right when you wake up before you start your day.
– Evening person? Do Chorus right when you head to bed to get great sleep!

What are the benefits?

– Better sleep
– More focus
– Increased energy
– Less stress
– Deeper overall sense of wellbeing

Whether you meditate daily and love it, tried it and hated it, or have never even thought about it before – Chorus is for you. Our take on meditation can help you de-stress and get back to being who you want to be, so join the Chorus today. It’s gonna be great (promise).
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