Founder Friday: MK on our Product Hunt Launch

Hello amazing Chorus community!

TLDR: To connect more deeply, we are sharing the story of how Chorus came to be and why we are so excited to share this amazing community with others in our Product Hunt launch. If you have a moment today to share some of the incredible stories of how Chorus has impacted your life on our Product Hunt page, we would be deeply grateful.

Welcome to our new little corner of the internet we’re calling Founder Friday. This community means so much to us and we are incredibly grateful to be on this journey with you. Which is why we’ve decided to carve out this dedicated space to connect!

To kick things off this week, we’re starting from the beginning to tell you how this whole adventure began. 

How Chorus Started

It started with a simple question two years ago: can we help people develop a lasting and impactful meditation practice? After facing our own individual challenges with traditional meditation and almost giving up on mindfulness completely, we felt compelled to create a meditative experience that was social, fun, engaging, and immediately impactful. Something that felt accessible and communal. Something that could change peoples’ lives for the better. And that something became Chorus.

We spent hours everyday for months, combining different mindfulness techniques, testing out different class frameworks on each other on our living floors, until we landed on what you now know as our signature 50 minute Chorus class. Every piece – breathing to the beat, journaling, sharing with one another after class – was carefully researched and crafted to create a space for folks who did not think meditation was for them, to come together and discover that it actually IS for all of us. 

Drawing from Rich Traditions 

Which is not to say that we invented meditation, because of course, we did not. Nor did we invent rhythmic breathing or journaling or any other aspect of our class. We are humble and reverent students of these traditional practices and the cultures from which they stem. Each of these techniques is steeped in rich history. Meditation is a millenia-old practice with deep ties to Hinduism and Buddhism and the B.C. eras of India and China. The breath we use in Chorus is inspired by pranayama, or yogic breathing, which also originates from Hindu teachings and texts. We are grateful for the wisdom of these practices and the opportunity to combine them in a way that resonates so deeply with this community. 

Your Input Matters More than Anything! 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve conducted dozens of interviews with our members. YOU ARE WHO CHORUS IS FOR, so continuously checking in for feedback and ways we can improve your experience is vital to our mission. Many of the updates you’ve seen recently are a direct result of those conversations. You are helping us build this product every step of the way, and we could not be more grateful for you. 

Connecting Near and Far

When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, we quickly moved Chorus from our downtown San Francisco physical location to the digital home it now has. That move, though unexpected and challenging, turned out to be a huge blessing. As a digital product, Chorus is now able to reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. Friends in Tanzania and Montana can make a mediDATE and schedule an opportunity to breathe together. And this community has made quarantine feel a little less isolating for all of us.

The Power of Your Stories

So in an effort to share this incredible community with others, we are excited to announce our official launch on Product Hunt. You can head to the post to read more about how Chorus came to be and what we’ve been up to lately. This is also a page for others to discover and learn about Chorus, and we don’t think anyone says it better than you! 

Your stories of how Chorus is the only type of mindfulness that’s ever clicked for you, how much you love the music and the community, how a consistent practice has led to less stress, better sleep, more patience and focus, and a deeper sense of connection in your life – these are the stories that motivate us everyday to wake up and work hard to continue to build the best product possible for you. If you have a moment today to share some of those stories on our Product Hunt page, we would be deeply grateful.

It has been a privilege to be on this journey with you, and we’re just getting started. Thank you for being an irreplaceable part of this adventure. And for being an invaluable member of our Chorus.  

All of the love,


Sneak peek into our launch on product hunt….

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