The Chorus Experience

Chorus is a journey to a place where your body tingles and your mind feels at ease. Woooaaahhhhh.

The practice takes place at our beautiful SF studio, or from the comfort of your own home, where together we breathe to the beat of an energizing playlist designed to help you reach a blissful, stress-free state more easily.
We promise you’ll feel something from the very first class.

Because meditation doesn’t need to be frustrating.

“I’ve never been able to meditate before. Now I can’t wait to do it again.”

Take a deep breath

First things first, Chorus is a welcoming and cozy space. You’ll lie down on a comfy mat with a soft blanket, and our Chorus conductors will lead the group through one of our signature classes.

We use a breathing technique that elicits a physical sensation and feels great–you’ll get literal tingles–but the best part is that it helps you stay in the moment and not get lost in thought. There’s the rest of the day for that.

Deep breath illu
Feel the beat

You know that part of the song when the chorus hits and you just can’t help but sing along? That’s what our class is like, over and over and over again.

Music has the ability to move us deeply, and we use that power to guide the journey from emotional release to moments of clarity and everything in between. In other words, it’s no accident we call ourselves Chorus.

Speaker illu
Reflect & Connect

One person singing solo can sound great, but nothing compares to the blissful sound of many unique voices coming together in perfect harmony.

At the end of class we take a moment to reflect on how we feel and how we might take that with us back into the world. Everyone’s experience is different, and you’re welcome to share your thoughts with others. Or not – that’s totally cool too.

Reflect illu

For more info on how and why the practice works, plus a bunch of other good stuff, pop on over to our blog and get ready for some readin’!

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