Welcome to our second annual Chorus Commits Challenge!

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    Welcome to anyone joining us for their FIRST Chorus Commits challenge, and welcome BACK to our amazing community who joined last year! 


    Last year, in our first ever Chorus Commits challenge, we focused on committing to ourselves.

    This year, we are expanding our support to ourselves and our community —  committing, TOGETHER! 

    We’ll be starting this challenge by making a commitment to something important to us for the month – such as:

    • Start each day with joy
    • Show gratitude for the small things
    • Be a positive role model
    • Finish what I start
    • Meet challenge with confidence
    • Stop comparing myself to others
    • Believe in myself
    • Love and accept myself 

    Then, as a community, we will be each other’s accountability partners throughout the month.

    How does Chorus work?

    Chorus is online group meditation classes led by live instructors, set to the beat of awesome music.

    You’ll breathe to the beat of our instructor-curated playlists and feel an immediate release of stress in your body and mind.

    What is the Chorus Commits Challenge? 

    Chorus Commits is a 30-day challenge where:

    • We each COMMIT to something important to us for the month, and then
    • PRACTICE incorporating that promise into every day through July 6th (and beyond!) 

    For example:

    1. “I commit to taking Chorus every morning before I start my day because it helps me be more kind and connected with my kids before I take them to school”
    2. Book Chorus Energize live at 7am each morning, or schedule an on-demand class each morning if 7am doesn’t fit your schedule

    Then….to make this commitment even stronger, we will help our fellow community members in their commitments by offering encouraging words of support in class, in the new chat feature in the app, and on social media! 

    It takes a village – and at Chorus you have one.

    These commitments can be small, but have a big impact on your life and the broader world around you!

    Through July 6th, we will:

    • Track how many Chorus live and on-demand classes you join
    • Encourage you with weekly progress emails
    • Remind you of the commitment you made yourself! You got this!!

    At the end of the month we will calculate your total classes and award prizes based on the amount you attended. 

    To support our goal of committing TOGETHER, there will be a special award for the person who joins the most live classes.

    What do I get for completing the challenge? 

    The more classes you take, the better your chances are for winning awesome prizes! 

    There will be 3 tiers based on the total number of classes you join through July 6th:

    • 8-11 classes = Tier 1
    • 12-15 classes = Tier 2
    • 16 or more classes = Tier 3

    As you move through the tiers, you will receive additional items:

    • Tier 1 
      • Limited edition Chorus Commits 2021 pin
    • Tier 2
      • Limited edition Chorus Commits 2021 pin and
      • Chorus “Be Kind To Your Mind” tote bag 
    • Tier 3
      • Limited edition Chorus Commits 2021 pin,
      • Chorus “Be Kind To Your Mind” tote bag and
      • Exclusive Chorus long sleeve shirt
    Why are we doing this?

    At Chorus, we believe every person deserves to live their most fulfilled life, and strengthening our minds is the key to unlocking this fulfillment. 

    Our goal is to turn a healthy habit, like meditating, into something you LOOK FORWARD to doing. 

    As with anything, consistency is the key — and the key to staying consistent is finding something you enjoy!

    Our hope is that this challenge will be fun (especially if you sign up with friends or family!), but will also empower you to commit to a more consistent mindfulness routine. 

    When does the Chorus Commits Challenge begin? 

    The challenge begins on Tuesday, June 1 at 12:01 am and ends on Tuesday, July 6 at 11:59pm. 

    You can join the challenge at any point within the 30 days! Simply sign up at the top of this page.

    Your progress is tracked by the total number of classes you complete between June 1 and July 6, 2021. 

    How do I sign up? 

    Sign up at the top of this page. We welcome you to join at any point before July 6th.

    If you are new to Chorus, we will set up your free trial and give you unlimited access through July 6th! Yep, that’s right, your full days in the Chorus Commits challenge will be completely free! 

    It’s past June 1, can I still join? 

    Yes!! You can join any time until July 6th. 

    Tiers and prizes are calculated based on the total classes taken during the time you are in the challenge so it doesn’t matter when you start.

    Where do I take class? 

    Class is online, so you can join from anywhere! 

    All you need is a comfy spot to lay down and some headphones for the tunes 🎵

    Both live and on-demand classes will count towards your progress.

    How do I book my classes?

    All live and on-demand classes available on our website or iOS app and will count towards the Chorus Commits Challenge.

    We recommend booking recurring classes to make it easier to stay on track. 

    If the same time doesn’t work each week, book all four weeks of your classes at once. 

    Consistency is key! 

    Please note that you must be signed up for the Chorus Commits Challenge in order for the classes that you take within the 30 days to be eligible for prizing.

    How do I track my progress? 

    We will send you weekly updates via email so you can track your progress and stay motivated! 

    Who can participate in the Chorus Commits Challenge? 

    The Chorus Commits Challenge is open to anyone!

    If you are new to Chorus, we will set up in your free trial and give you unlimited access through July 6th!

    Is there a cost to register? 

    Nope! Sign up is 100% free. 

    Plus, if you are new to Chorus, you’ll get the entire duration of the challenge for free — that’s all the live and on-demand classes through July 6th! 

    Do missed classes count toward my total? 

    Nope. You must complete the class in order for it to count. 

    Can I take class under someone else’s account? 

    Nope. You must take classes under your own account in order for them to count. 

    In order for me to participate in the Chorus Commits Challenge, do I need to sign up? 

    Yep, in order to participate in the Chorus Commits Challenge, you must sign up at the top of this page.

    If you are new to Chorus, once you sign up, we’ll set up your free trial, granting you unlimited access for free for all the days of the Challenge.

    What happens if I don’t make it to 8 classes within the 30 days?

    If you don’t complete the first level of 8 classes within 30 days after signing up, that’s ok! 

    Setting mindfulness goals and bringing intention into your routine is a success in itself. 

    Questions & Help

    If you have any questions or need help, email us at heythere@chorusmeditation.com

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