Shifting focus away from stress

We know as the holidays approach, life can feel extra hectic and stressful for a variety of reasons. And when the stress and chaos are all we focus on, these feelings can become overwhelming. So let’s try to bring a little more awareness to the feelings and thoughts we are focusing on to see if we can help create a positive experience for ourselves.

Mindfulness doesn’t mean you never have a stressful thought or feeling. It simply means you become aware of them. The ability to note a thought or feeling as such is a powerful tool to help shift your mindset at any moment.

So this week, anytime you notice a stressful thought or feeling, pause, acknowledge it as such: “Oh I’m having a stressful thought about my travel plans” or “Oh I’m having a stressful feeling of anxiety about seeing my family,” and then shift your focus and attention to identifying 3 things you’re grateful for in that moment. They can be totally unrelated to the thoughts that have caused you stress. This small act is meant to demonstrate how capable you are of shifting your focus, at any moment, away from stress and chaos towards gratitude and abundance. Try to practice this shift for one whole day and see how it makes you feel.

And give yourself a big break from the chaos by joining the Chorus and coming to our signature mindfulness class.

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