Making Mindfulness Practices Part of Your Self-Care

At Chorus, we don’t just practice mindfulness because it feels good, we do it because it is good for our actual health; the health of our bodies, our mental health, and our relationships. 

We all know we need to exercise our bodies (shout out to our favorite quarantine workout classes!), but our culture is not as attentive to exercising our minds through mindfulness practices. As part of the mindfulness movement, we’re here to change that – Chorus is like a mind workout, and it takes practice! 

With practice, meditation can improve your physical health, cognitive abilities, happiness, and sense of connection! Check out our blog on How Meditation Actually Benefits the Brain and this article on 12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation to learn more. 

Not convinced meditation is your thing? We get it, meditation can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be! It can both feel good and be good for you. We started Chorus to bring you a new way to meditate that feels great from your very first session. Our unique combination of active breathing techniques, meditation and music help you reconnect to your body and ease your mind.

We set our classes to the beat of energizing music while supportive teachers guide you towards greater clarity and peace of mind. We promise that you’ll be able to find the quiet space between your thoughts more easily than with traditional meditation practices you’re thinking of – this is meditation, kinda. 

Come see for yourself! Visit our schedule to book a meditation class!

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