Good For You, Feels Good Too

Research shows that expressions of gratitude can give you a better sense of purpose, happiness and enhance overall wellbeing. Gratitude has also been shown to relieve depression, lower blood pressure, and support better immune function. We love to practice gratitude meditations when we need a moment of reset, but how great is it that it benefits our overall health as well? Let’s try it together, now. 

Begin by sitting comfortably, and reflecting on something that you’re grateful for. An act of kindness, something beautiful you saw, a nice gesture, a friend, a loved one, your favorite song, or something that you recently did for yourself. 

Hold that feeling, that warmth, and close your eyes gently while taking a deep inhale through your nose…and aaaahhh…exhaling out through your mouth. 

Woahhhhh……now doesn’t that just feel gooooood?

Join us in class to deepen your sense of gratitude and feel great!

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