If you've ever uttered the phrase "meditation is tough for me" -

You're in good hands.

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Unlike traditional meditation, which is typically done alone, is often challenging for beginners, and takes many months to feel a difference, Chorus…


with warm, personable
teachers and amazing
fellow class-goers


is FUN,
with new and popular music

(what up Beyonce)


And gives you a TINGLING physical sensation created by the breathing pattern, leaving your physically and mentally calmer after your

Practice together live

Expect to be welcomed by a friendly teacher and an amazing community. Join your favorite classes with members from around the world to explore what it feels like to breathe to the beat and unlock a deeper sense of wellbeing.

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Breathe to the beat of music 🎵

From hip hop to indie to pop, our instructor-curated playlists will keep you motivated and engaged.

You'll meditate to an awesome playlist and feel an immediate release of stress in your body and mind.

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Expertise meets authentic, personable motivation

Our world-class teachers are just as much a part of the community as you are.
Each with their own music-style and vibe.

Whether you meditate daily and love it, tried it and hated it, or have never even thought about it before – Chorus is for you. Our take on meditation can help you de-stress and get back to being who you want to be, so join the Chorus today. It’s gonna be great (promise).
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